Sketch Up Training Institute in Indore

A 3-d modeling application from Google that is acknowledged for its ease of use Sketch Up Training in Indore. Used for architectural functions as well as films and video games, designs are created in two dimensions, which, the usage of a patented approach, are driven and pulled into three dimensions Sketch Up Training.

Course Content - Sketch Up Institute in Indore

Course Content in Sketch Up

  • Introduction To Sketch Up

  • Understanding How SketchUp Works

  • Groups & Components

  • Groups Vs Components

  • Creating And Editing Groups

  • Texture And Materials

  • Exporting Images

  • Creating Landscaping

  • Sandbox Tools

  • Importing CAD Files And Real World

  • Modelling Assignment

  • Layer Management

  • Clearing Up CAD Files

  • Terning 2D Into 3D