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IICE is the best PHP training institute in Indore with placement & certification. We provide Best PHP course details & also the live project training. Students get a chance to work with our PHP developing companies. Our students placed at well developing companies with good level of salary.IICE institute offering hands on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level PHP MySQL training courses. Our PHP Training is for all MCA, BCA, BE, B.Tech candidates to enhance their skill set and increase their job opportunity. PHP course is designed to get maximum placement in best software companies. PHP trainers at our institute are certified, experienced working professionals with years of working experience.

PHP is an open source technology which helps us to use in any type of commercial projects without spending more money. It clearly shows what the power of PHP is. Our PHP Training in Indore helps you to build any web application from base. PHP (recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

Course Content - PHP Training Institute In Indore


  • The Origin of PHP

  • PHP is better than Its alternatives

  • Interfaces to External systems

  • Hardware and Software requirements

  • Features of PHP

  • Advantages of PHP

  • Receiving User Input

  • Repeating Code


  • Introduction of HTML

  • Head Section and its Elements

  • Meta, CSS, Script, Title and Favicon

  • Headings, Paragraph, Lists, Pre and Span Tags

  • Image Tag,Object Tag,Iframe Tag

  • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button

  • JavaScript Syntax, JavaScript Data Types, JavaScript Functions

  • JavaScript Events, Javascript Operators, Js Scope

BASIC PHP Training

  • How PHP scripts work

  • PHP syntax

  • PHP data types

  • PHP variables

  • Display variable values

  • Testing for a specific data type

  • Operators

  • Variable manipulation

  • Dynamic variables

  • Assigning data types

  • >
  • casting

  • PHP Keywords

  • Comments


  • Introduction

  • Creating String

  • Modifying string

  • String Function

  • Comparing String

  • Formatting String


  • Arithmetic

  • Comparison

  • Assignment

  • Logical Operators

  • Concatenation

  • Error Suppression

  • Increment

  • Decrement operators

  • Ternary operator

  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement

  • The switch statement

  • Using the while() Loop

  • The do while statement

  • Difference between While and do-while Loop

  • Using the for() Loop

  • Breaking out of loops

  • Nesting loops

  • For each

ARRAY Training

  • Introduction

  • Types of Arrays

  • Creating Arrays

  • Accessing Arrays Single-Dimensional Arrays

  • Multidimensional Arrays

  • Indexing Array

  • Associative Arrays

  • Finding Array Size

  • String into Array conversion


  • Redirecting users to other pages

  • Session And Cookies

  • PHP Filters

  • File Handling

  • File Uploading

  • File Downloading Create e-mail Interface with PHP


  • What is function

  • Creating a function

  • Returning value from function

  • User-defined functions

  • Dynamic function calls

  • Variable scope

  • Anonymous Functions

  • Recursion

  • Function calls with the static statement

  • Accessing variable with the global statement

  • Setting default values for arguments

  • Passing arguments to a function by value

  • Passing arguments to a function by reference

  • esting for function existence Arrays

  • Built in Function

  • Trends of PHP Functions


  • Create Forms

  • Super global variables

  • Super global array

  • A script to acquire user input

  • Importing user input

  • Accessing user input

  • Combine HTML and PHP code

  • Using hidden fields

  • Redirecting the user

  • File upload and scripts

  • Delete a File


  • Object oriented concepts

  • Define a class

  • Define an Object

  • Object properties

  • Fields

  • Properties

  • Methods

  • Inheritance and types

  • Polymorphism

  • Static Class Members

  • Instance of Keyword

  • Helper Functions

  • Object Cloning and Copy


  • Introduction
  • Integration with MySQL

  • MySQL functions

  • Gmail Data Grid options

  • Adding tables to a database

  • Creating a table

  • Connecting to a database server

  • Select/Insert/delete

  • Update Database from forms

  • Uploading and downloading images in Database

  • ADVANCE PHP Training

    • Introduction about FTP/SMTP server

    • Math functions

    • File upload/download

    • >E-mail with php

    • PHP configuration file

    • Error tacking and debugging

    JAVA SCRIPT Training

    • Introduction to JavaScript

    • Form validation

    • Email validation using JavaScript

    AJAX Course Training

    • Introduction

    • Create Forms

    • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

    • Introduction to AJAX

    • Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object

    • Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest

    • Application of AJAX in web application