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Web Development Training Institute In Indore

IICE is one of the fine web development training Institute in Indore. internet site creativity the usage of the web designing tools grow to be completely purposeful with the right net- programming associated with it. In truth, web development/ programming are the gas that powers the entire functions of a completely functional internet site, online. adding this right gasoline in the related subject is our Hypertext Preprocessor schooling route in Indore that pals varied set of php path modules.

The web development route affords all the commercial enterprise promotional solutions including website Designing and improvement E-trade net web site. After the of completion of this route, we provide a hundred% job placement in pinnacle I.T. companies.

if you are wondering to enroll in for net development route in Indore, we guarantee you that we are able to provide you industry trendy web development direction in Indore with live projects. we're one of the high-quality php/MySQL training Institute Indore which has a tune report of providing, advanced and business net improvement direction with php/MySQL and other state-of-the-art technology.

Course Content - Web Development training Institute In Indore

Introduction Of Development

  • The Origin of PHP

  • PHP is better than Its alternatives

  • Interfaces to External systems

  • Hardware and Software requirements

  • Features of PHP

  • Advantages of PHP

  • Receiving User Input

  • Repeating Code



  • Introduction of HTML

  • Head Section and its Elements

  • Meta, CSS, Script, Title and Favicon

  • Headings, Paragraph, Lists, Pre and Span Tags

  • Image Tag,Object Tag,Iframe Tag

  • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button

  • JavaScript Syntax, JavaScript Data Types, JavaScript Functions

  • JavaScript Events, Javascript Operators, Js Scope

BASIC PHP Training



ARRAY Course Training








AJAX Course Training


PHP Training Institute In Indore

IICE is the best PHP training institute in Indore with 100% guarantee of placement & certification. We provide Best PHP course details & also the live project industrial training. Students get a chance to work with our PHP developing companies. Our students placed at well developing companies with good level of salary.IICE institute offering hands on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level PHP MySQL training courses. Our PHP Training is for all MCA, BCA, BE, B.Tech candidates to enhance their skill set and increase their job opportunity. PHP course is designed to get maximum placement in best software companies. PHP trainers at our institute are certified, experienced working professionals with years of working experience.

PHP is an open source technology which helps us to use in any type of commercial projects without spending more money. It clearly shows what the power of PHP is. Our PHP Training in Indore helps you to build any web application from base.

Course Content - PHP Training Institute In Indore


  • The Origin of PHP

  • PHP is better than Its alternatives

  • Interfaces to External systems

  • Hardware and Software requirements

  • Features of PHP

  • Advantages of PHP

  • Receiving User Input

  • Repeating Code


  • Introduction of HTML

  • Head Section and its Elements

  • Meta, CSS, Script, Title and Favicon

  • Headings, Paragraph, Lists, Pre and Span Tags

  • Image Tag,Object Tag,Iframe Tag

  • Submit, Image, Normal, Reset Button

  • JavaScript Syntax, JavaScript Data Types, JavaScript Functions

  • JavaScript Events, Javascript Operators, Js Scope

BASIC PHP Training

  • How PHP scripts work

  • PHP syntax

  • PHP data types

  • PHP variables

  • Display variable values

  • Testing for a specific data type

  • Operators

  • Variable manipulation

  • Dynamic variables

  • Assigning data types

  • >
  • casting

  • PHP Keywords

  • Comments


  • Introduction

  • Creating String

  • Modifying string

  • String Function

  • Comparing String

  • Formatting String


  • Arithmetic

  • Comparison

  • Assignment

  • Logical Operators

  • Concatenation

  • Error Suppression

  • Increment

  • Decrement operators

  • Ternary operator

  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement

  • The switch statement

  • Using the while() Loop

  • The do while statement

  • Difference between While and do-while Loop

  • Using the for() Loop

  • Breaking out of loops

  • Nesting loops

  • For each

ARRAY Training

  • Introduction

  • Types of Arrays

  • Creating Arrays

  • Accessing Arrays Single-Dimensional Arrays

  • Multidimensional Arrays

  • Indexing Array

  • Associative Arrays

  • Finding Array Size

  • String into Array conversion


  • Redirecting users to other pages

  • Session And Cookies

  • PHP Filters

  • File Handling

  • File Uploading

  • File Downloading Create e-mail Interface with PHP


  • What is function

  • Creating a function

  • Returning value from function

  • User-defined functions

  • Dynamic function calls

  • Variable scope

  • Anonymous Functions

  • Recursion

  • Function calls with the static statement

  • Accessing variable with the global statement

  • Setting default values for arguments

  • Passing arguments to a function by value

  • Passing arguments to a function by reference

  • esting for function existence Arrays

  • Built in Function

  • Trends of PHP Functions


  • Create Forms

  • Super global variables

  • Super global array

  • A script to acquire user input

  • Importing user input

  • Accessing user input

  • Combine HTML and PHP code

  • Using hidden fields

  • Redirecting the user

  • File upload and scripts

  • Delete a File


  • Object oriented concepts

  • Define a class

  • Define an Object

  • Object properties

  • Fields

  • Properties

  • Methods

  • Inheritance and types

  • Polymorphism

  • Static Class Members

  • Instance of Keyword

  • Helper Functions

  • Object Cloning and Copy


  • Introduction
  • Integration with MySQL

  • MySQL functions

  • Gmail Data Grid options

  • Adding tables to a database

  • Creating a table

  • Connecting to a database server

  • Select/Insert/delete

  • Update Database from forms

  • Uploading and downloading images in Database

  • ADVANCE PHP Training

    • Introduction about FTP/SMTP server

    • Math functions

    • File upload/download

    • >E-mail with php

    • PHP configuration file

    • Error tacking and debugging

    JAVA SCRIPT Training

    • Introduction to JavaScript

    • Form validation

    • Email validation using JavaScript

    AJAX Course Training

    • Introduction

    • Create Forms

    • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

    • Introduction to AJAX

    • Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Object

    • Method and Properties of XMLHttpRequest

    • Application of AJAX in web application


    • WordPress installation

    • Working with post, media

    • pages, comments, Working with appearance

    • user, tools, setting

    • Working with plugin in WordPress website

    • Using external plugin in wordpress website

    • Working with widgets in WordPress


    Wordpress Training Institute In Indore (Duration 15 Days)

    Wordpress CMS is one of the fastest growing CMS in the world. It has lots of features like easy theming, better performance, best user interface, easy plugin development etc.So worldwide developer like this CMS for their clients or themselves. If you are planning to do a CMS, Wordpress is the right choice for you.Currently, wordpress has largest vacancies in IT companies.You can build your career in WordPress.

    Our Wordpress Training in Indore is recommended for beginners and intermediates with a keen interest in learning this key technology. We cover many aspects of Wordpress including overview, installation, configuration, setting up a PHP WordPress development environment, plugins, hooks, actions and filters, activation code, templates, widgets, admin interface, database security, jQuery, AJAX, security and live project training. Our training sessions are designed to assist students to get the benefit of both theoretical and practical sessions. The theory sessions deal with the basics while the practical sessions involve doing assignments and learning by writing code.

    Course Content - Wordpress Training Institute In Indore

    WordPress Hosting and installation

    • CMS Introduction

    • Setting up Web Hosting

    • Registering a Domain Name

    • Downloading and Installing Word Press on your Web Space

    Word Press Templates

    • Adding a pre-existing site template to WordPress

    • Creating and adding your own site template to WordPress

    • Note - this is an overview of templates - for in-depth coverage we offer an Advanced WordPress Course

    Configuring WordPress Setup Options

    • When and How to Upgrade Wordpress

    • Managing User Roles and Permissions

    • Managing Spam with Askimet

    Adding WordPress Plug-ins

    • Downloading and Installing plug-ins

    • Activating Plug-ins

    • Guide to the most useful WordPress plugins

    Adding Content

    • Posts vs Pages

    • Adding Content to Posts & Pages

    • Using Categories

    • Using Tag

    • Managing User Comments

    Managing Media in WordPress

    • Uploading Images

    • Basic and Advanced Image Formatting

    • Adding Video

    • Adding Audio

    • Managing the Media Library

    • Overvie of WordPress Multi-User (MU)


    CI(CodeIgniter) Training Institute In Indore

    Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice where developers integrate code into a shared repository frequently, preferably several times a day. Each integration can then be verified by an automated build and automated tests. While automated testing is not strictly part of CI it is typically implied.

    Course Content - CI(CodeIgniter) Institute In Indore

    Course Content in CI(CodeIgniter) Training

    • Introduction To BIM And ArchiCAD

    • Documentation And Scheduling

    • Multi-Storey Settings

    • Present The Project With Images & Walkthrough

    • Using Wall Elements

    • Construction Simulation

    • Placing Building Elements From Libray

    • Floor & Roof Design

    • Creating New Library Elements

    • Layout Setting & Plotting


    Laravel Training Institute In Indore

    Laravel is a powerful MVC PHP framework, designed for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Laravel was created by Taylor Otwell. This is a brief tutorial that explains the basics of Laravel framework

    Course Content - Laravel Institute In Indore

    Course content in Laravel

    • Introduction to PHP Framework

    • Introduction to Laravel

    • Laravel Installation

    • Routing in Laravel

    • MVC in Laravel

    • Caching in Laravel

    • Event subscribers in Laravel

    • Package Development

    • Templates

    • Creating an Application

    • Testing in Laravel

    • Database Configuration

    • Helpers in Laravel

    • Laravel Pagination

    • Laravel Security

    • Authentication Facade

    • Validation in Laravel

    • Eloquent ORM

    • Artisan Command Line Interface

    • Deploy Application using Laravel Project


    Magento Training Institute In Indore

    Winning companies, such as Apple, Virgin, Toyota, and others, innovate continuously because of their culture of designing thinking – integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success. In our graphic designing course training, you will learn how to take a similar approach in your own business – blending the perspectives of marketing, design, and engineering into a systematic approach to delivering innovation. As a core part of the course, students participate in a team-based concept development project assignment. This project, focused on opportunity evaluation and concept development, is integrated into all course modules.

    Graphic Design Master specializes in creativity and industry based production. Students learn to visualize, create digital graphics and editing and optimizing graphics across a range of industries like web, print, digital printing, broadcast media and advertizing...

    Course Content - Magento Training Institute In Indore

    Course Content in Magento

    • Introduction to Content Management System

    • Introduction to Magento

    • Introduction to WAMP

    • WAMP Installation

    • Magento Installation

    • Login to the Magento Administrator

    • Magento Overview

    Website store

    • Categories

    • Products

    • Themes

    • Sales Configuration

    • Payment methods

    • Shipping methods

    • Emails

    Magento Tools

    • Groups

    • Promotions

    • Newsletters

    • Sitemap

    • Magento Cron

    • Maintenance

    • Backups

    • Security

    • Magento Extensions

    • Magento Website Creation

    • Magento Hosting

    • Project

    Website Frontend

    • Pages

    • Blocks

    • Widgets

    • Layout customization

    • Website configuration