CorelDraw Training Institute in Indore

CorelDraw is one of the most used vector graphics editors that includes several graphics-related programs. It was developed by Corel Corporation in 1989 and since then the demand for people with knowledge of CorelDraw is in very high demand. There are several institutes and organizations that provide training in CorelDraw, but IICE is the best CorelDraw training institute in Indore.

CorelDraw is an important editor tool that is easy to use and thus numerous companies seek professionals of CorelDraw. These companies hire them at lucrative salary packages. So, if you also want to develop your career as a CorelDraw expert, enrol for our CorelDraw training in Indore.

We provide overall education regarding the same, which in future will help the students to occupy the best career opportunities in the field of designing. Our CorelDraw course in Indore is designed for both freshers and working professionals.

IICE is the best CorelDraw training institute in Indore because of our professional and thoroughly designed CorelDraw course syllabus and its contents. The key content of our coursework includes; introduction to CorelDraw, editing objects, applying colour, working with artistic text, creating special effects, creating visiting cards, etc.

Our expert faculties of IICE leverage all the latest technological advancements in their teaching methodologies and provide well-round education to the candidates. To enrol for our CorelDraw training course in Indore, call us at +91-9111433444 or drop your enquiry through the mail.

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CorelDraw- Course Content


  • The CorelDRAW interface
  • Working with new documents
  • Working with Pages and Dockers
  • Moving and adding pages
  • Understanding page setup
  • Arranging dockers
  • Importing and Exporting Files

Importing Files

  • Using Corel CONNECT
  • Exporting files
  • Viewing Options

  • Working with zooming
  • Understanding page views
  • Working with Objects
  • Using the Pick tool
  • Selecting, Moving objects
  • Sizing objects
  • Mirroring objects
  • Rotating objects
  • Skewing objects
  • Undo, Redo, and Stacking Order
  • Working with Undo and Redo
  • Understanding the stacking order

  • Business Card Project
  • Using the Drawing Tools
  • Understanding the drawing tools
  • Working with the Rectangle tool
  • Adding rectangles to a business card
  • Working with the Ellipse tool
  • Adding ellipses, pies, and arcs
  • Working with the Polygon tool
  • Working with the Spiral tool
  • Adding a shadowed spiral
  • Working with the Graph paper tool
  • Adding unique graph shapes

Aligning objects

  • Understanding duplication
  • Working with distribution
  • Building an amplifier face
  • Aligning text and spacing objects
  • Should I Group or Combine Objects
  • Understanding Group and Ungroup

Coordinate Spaces in Blender

  • Working with Combine and Break Apart
  • Coloring objects and using Uniform fillpe Properties
  • Using the Fountain fill
  • Working with the Interactive
    fill tool
  • Using the eyedropper tools

  • Working with Outline Types and Color
  • Welding, Trimming, and Intersecting Objects
  • Exploring methods of working with
  • Weld, Trim, and Intersect
  • Moving from Adobe Illustrator to CorelDraw

Drawing and Coloring

  • Selecting Objects
  • Creating Basic Shapes
  • Reshaping Objects
  • Organising objects

Mastering with Text

  • Text Tool
  • Artistic and paragraph text
  • Formatting Text
  • Embedding Objects into text
  • Wrapping Text around Object

Applying Effects

  • Applying Effects
  • Power of Blends
  • Distortion
  • Contour Effects
  • Envelopes


I can't decide on a course that would be suitable for me. Can you help me?

Of course! Just give us a call on 0731-4967674 or send us an enquiry through our institute’s contact page. Our expert representatives will contact you in no time and help you out to find the most suitable course as per your interests.

Where can I find the best CorelDraw course near me?

If you reside in Indore or is looking for the CorelDraw course in Indore, then your search ends at IICE. Our institute is located at Bhawarkuan, Indore. You can find our institute on Google listing results if you search for ‘best CorelDraw course near me’ on Google.

Why should I learn CorelDraw from IICE?

IICE is the leading CorelDraw training institute in Indore offering live projects working and real-time practical exposure. Our CorelDraw course details separate us from other institutes.

Do you provide CorelDraw training only to beginners?

No, we have CorelDraw for beginners as well as for experts who are seeking a job.

Do you provide any certificate of training?

Yes, we provide a course completion certificate after the successful completion of your CorelDraw training course in Indore.