Photoshop Training Institute in Indore

Photoshop aka Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor tool developed by Adobe Inc. for Windows and Mac operating systems. Photoshop is used worldwide to edit raster images in multiple layers. This tool supports alpha composting, masks, and an assortment of colour models like CMYK, duotone, RGB, CIELAB, spot colour, etc.

In today’s world, almost every organization of the industry requires an expert having knowledge and skills of Photoshop. Aspirants with higher knowledge and better skills have more career opportunities in the field of drawing, development, or graphics designing.

IICE (Indore Institute of Computer Education) is the leading and the best Photoshop training institute in Indore. We provide you with the training that is required by you to succeed in this field. Our Photoshop classes in Indore are based on the modern tools and techniques and therefore, we equip every student with the comprehensive knowledge and skill of digital imaging concepts.

At IICE, we provide the best in class Photoshop training in Indore. We not only offer theoretical training to the candidates but also prepare them to become industry experts in their respective field of interests. The aspirants are equipped with real-time exposure and experience by making them work on live projects. The coursework of our Photoshop course syllabus is designed by the experts of the industry.

The key content of our Photoshop course syllabus are; introduction to Photoshop, crop and slice tools, lighting filters, layer basics, blending modes, annotation tools, retouching tools, navigation tools, smart filters, designing of web layout, and much more. Join our Photoshop training courses class in Indore and get the best out of yourself. For more information regarding our Photoshop training institute in Indore, feel free to call us or visit our institute at Veda Business Park, Bhawarkua, Indore.

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Photoshop- Course Content


  • Getting to Know the Work Area
  • Using the tools
  • Sampling a color
  • Working with tools and tool properties
  • Undoing actions in Photoshop
  • More about panels and panel locations
  • Recovery & Undo

Basic Photo Corrections

  • Strategy for Retouching
  • Resolution and Image size
  • Difference Between HTML and XHTML
  • Opening a file with Adobe Bridge
  • Straightening and cropping the image in Photoshop
  • Adjusting the color and tone

  • Master pages
  • Using the Spot Healing Brush tool
  • Applying a content-aware patch
  • Repairing areas with the Clone Stamp tool
  • Sharpening the image

Working with Selections

  • About selecting and selection tools
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Moving a selected area
  • Manipulating selections
  • Using the Magic Wand tool
  • Selecting with the lasso tools

  • Rotating a selection
  • Selecting with the Magnetic Lasso tool
  • Selecting from a center point
  • Resizing and copying a selection
  • Applying a content-aware patch
  • Cropping an image

Masks and Channels

  • Working with masks and channels
  • Threading text & Articles
  • Wrapping text around objects
  • Creating a quick mask
  • Manipulating an image with Puppet Warp
  • Using an alpha channel to create a shadow

Layer Basics

  • About layers
  • Create new documents
  • Creating a table of contents
  • Using the Layers panel
  • Creating book files
  • Creating text and text frames
  • Creating type on a path

  • Using the Layers panel
  • Applying a gradient to a layer
  • Rearranging layers
  • Grouping, locking
  • duplicating objects
  • Applying a layer style
  • Layers

  • Updating layer effects
  • Adding an adjustment layer
  • Managing graphics Design
  • Adding a border
  • Numbering pages, chapters, and sections
  • Adding a border
  • Flattening and saving files

Typographic Design

  • Editing text
  • Creating a clipping mask from type
  • Creating type on a path
  • Glyphs and special characters
  • Linked stories
  • Spell-checking and language dictionaries
  • Text variables
  • Warping point type
  • Designing paragraphs of type
  • Adding a rounded rectangle
  • Adding vertical text

Quick Fixes

  • Improving a snapshot
  • Drop caps and nested styles
  • Adjusting facial features with Liquify
  • Blurring a background
  • Creating a panorama
  • Filling empty areas when cropping
  • Correcting image distortion
  • Extending depth of field
  • Moving objects with the Content-Aware Move tool
  • Adjusting perspective in an image

Vector Drawing Techniques

  • About bitmap images and
  • Vector graphics
  • About paths and the Pen tool
  • Drawing with the Pen tool
  • Working with defined custom shapes
  • Importing a Smart Object
  • Adding color and depth to a shape using layer styles
  • Tables
  • Cell styles

Editing Video

  • About the Timeline panel
  • Creating a new video project
  • Animating text with keyframes
  • Creating effects
  • Adding audio

  • Muting unwanted audio
  • Rendering video
  • Working with Camera Raw
  • Processing files in Camera Raw
  • Applying advanced color correction

  • Preparing Files for the Web
  • Using layer groups to create button graphics
  • Automating a multistep task
  • Designing with artboards
  • Preparing files for printing

Advanced Compositing

  • Arranging layers
  • Using Smart Filters
  • Painting a layer
  • Adding a background
  • Using the History panel to undo edits
  • Upscaling a low-resolution image

Painting with the Mixer Brush

  • About the Mixer Brush
  • Selecting brush settings
  • Mixing colors
  • Creating a custom brush preset
  • Mixing colors with a photograph
  • Working with Graphics


Which is the best Photoshop training institute near me?

IICE is certainly the best Photoshop training institute in Indore. Unlike other Photoshop training institute in Indore, IICE offers best in class training to all our aspirants.

What are the key contents of your IICE’s Photoshop training course syllabus?

The key contents of our Photoshop training course syllabus are; introduction to Photoshop, crop and slice tools, lighting filters, layer basics, blending modes, annotation tools, retouching tools, navigation tools, smart filters, designing of web layout, and much more.

How much is the Photoshop course fees in your institute?

IICE offers Photoshop course at the most affordable fees. To know more about Photoshop course details and fees structure, call us on +91-9111433444.

What is the duration of the Photoshop training Indore at IICE?

IICE is one of the best Photoshop institutes in Indore that provides Photoshop for unbound time duration. The average duration of our Photoshop training in Indore is 30 days.

Does IICE provide a certificate of Photoshop training?

Yes, we provide a certificate of course completion in Photoshop to all the candidates after successful completion of their Photoshop classes in Indore.