SolidWorks Training Institute in Indore

SolidWorks is a solid modelling computer program that is based on CAD (computer-aided design) and CAE (computer-aided engineering). SolidWorks run only on Microsoft Windows. This 3D software tool is used to effectively manage all the tasks that are involved in the visual and electronic 3D product development. With the continuously increasing demands for modelling engineers in the top companies, the scope for individuals having knowledge and skills of 3D designing and modelling software has been increased drastically.

So, if you are desperate enough to become one of the top designers of the industry and develop your career as an industry expert, then IICE is the best institute for taking training in SolidWorks. IICE provide the best in class SolidWorks training in Indore with job placement assistance as well. The pleasant learning environment and a highly-expertized team of faculties make our institute the leading one in the industry.

IICE is a professional SolidWorks institute which is dedicated to providing quality course material to the students by real-time ability. Our SolidWorks training is a purely job-oriented course. After doing this course students can expect quick placements in a short duration of time. We have experienced and corporate experts to teach the students in an effective manner.

Our faculties leverage all the latest technological advancements in their teaching methodologies and provide well-round education to the aspirants. To enrol for our SolidWorks training course in Indore, call us at 0731-4967674 or drop your enquiry through the mail.

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SolidWorks - Course Content

SolidWorks Basics and the User Interface

  • What is SolidWorks Software?
  • Design Intent
  • File References
  • Opening Files
  • The SolidWorks User Interface
  • Using the Command Manager

Introduction to Sketching

  • 2D Sketching
  • Stages in the Process
  • Saving Files
  • What are We Going to Sketch?
  • Sketching

    • Sketch Entities
    • Basic Sketching
    • Rules That Govern Sketches
    • Design Intent & Sketch Relations
    • Dimensions
    • Extrude
    • Sketching Guidelines

    Basic Part Modeling

    • Basic Modeling
    • Terminology
    • Choosing the Best Profile
    • Choosing the Sketch Plane

    • Details of the Part
    • Boss Feature
    • Sketching on a Planar Face
    • Cut Feature
    • Using the Hole Wizard
    • View Selector
    • Filleting
    • Editing Tools
    • Detailing Basics
    • Drawing Views
    • Center Marks
    • Dimensioning
    • Changing Parameters

    Symmetry and Draft

    • Case Study: Ratchet
    • Design Intent
    • Boss Feature with Draft
    • Symmetry in the Sketch
    • Sketching Inside the Model
    • View Options
    • Using Model Edges in a Sketch
    • Creating Trimmed Sketch Geometry
    • Copy & Paste Features


    • Why Use Patterns?
    • Linear Pattern
    • Circular Patterns
    • Reference Geometry
    • Mirror Patterns
    • Using Pattern Seed Only
    • Up To Reference
    • Sketch Driven Patterns

    Shelling and Ribs

    • Shelling and Ribs
    • Analyzing and Adding Draft
    • Other Options for Draft
    • Shelling
    • Ribs
    • Full Round Fillets
    • Thin Features

    Revolved Features

    • Case Study: Handwheel
    • Design Intent
    • Revolved Features
    • Building the Rim & spoke
    • Edit Material

    • Mass Properties
    • File Properties
    • SolidWorks SimulationXpress
    • Using SolidWorks SimulationXpress
    • The SimulationXpress Interface

    Editing: Repairs

    • Part Editing
    • Editing Topics
    • Sketch Issues
    • FilletXpert
    • DraftXpert

    Editing: Design Changes

    • Part Editing
    • Design Changes
    • Information From a Model
    • Rebuilding Tools
    • Sketch Contours
    • Replace Sketch Entity


    • Using Configurations
    • Other Methods to Create Configurations
    • Modeling Strategies for Configurations
    • Editing Part that Have Configurations
    • Design Library

    Global Variables & Equations

    • Using Global Variables & Equations
    • Renaming Features and Dimensions
    • Design Rules Using Global Variables & Equations
    • Global Variables & Equations
    • Using Operators and Functions

    Using Drawings

    • More About Making Drawings
    • Section View
    • Model Views
    • Broken View
    • Detail Views
    • Drawing Sheets and Sheet Formats
    • Annotations

    Bottom-Up Assembly Modeling

    • Case Study: Universal Joint
    • Bottom-Up Assembly
    • Creating a New Assembly
    • Position of the First Component
    • Feature Manager Design Tree
    • and Symbols
    • Adding Components

    • Mating Components
    • Using Part Configurations in Assemblies
    • Sub-assemblies
    • Smart Mates
    • Inserting Sub-assemblies
    • Pack and Go

    Using Assemblies

    • Analyzing the Assembly
    • Checking for Clearances
    • Changing the Values of Dimensions
    • Exploded Assemblies

    • Explode Line Sketch
    • Bill of Materials
    • Assembly Drawings


    • Options Settings
    • Document Templates


    What are SolidWorks?

    SolidWorks is a modelling tool that runs on Microsoft Windows. This computer program is based on computer-aided engineering and computer-aided design.

    Which is the best institute for SolidWorks training in Indore?

    There are several training institutes in the city, but IICE (Indore Institute of Computer Education) is the best institute for SolidWorks training in Indore

    Will your institute provide any certificate?

    Yes, we will provide you with a course completion certificate after the completion of your SolidWorks training from IICE. This certificate will strengthen your CV and help you get a job in a top company in the industry.

    What is the major benefit of taking training from IICE over other institutes?

    Unlike other institutes, IICE offers 100% job placement assistance to every student so that they can develop themselves as an industry expert and work for the top companies in the industry

    What is the duration of SolidWorks training course at your institute?

    The duration of our training program is 45 days but unlike other institutes, we provide lifetime assistance to our students whenever they have any doubts regarding the course.